Kyle Line Museum

On the hot-plate

Railway memorabilia has always held a fascination for the enthusiast but as the Kyle Line has been existance for over 100 years, the items in the museum appeal to a wider audience.


Visitors to the museum can catch a glimpse of Scottish highland life from a century ago and can get a feel of the impact the railway made in its early years.


As well as hundreds of railway objects collected over the years, the museum also houses a collection of high quality black and white photographs depicting ordinary day to day scenes from the Lochalsh and Skye area. They provide a fascinating insight into the rigours of Highland life in Victorian Britain.


The museum is housed in the buildings on Kyle Railway Station. Just come on to the platform and the entrance is nearest the sea facing the Skye Bridge.


Living Museum

The Royal Scotsman coat of arms

The station and platform were restored a few years ago and the buildings painted in the traditional colours in 2005. As can be seen from the photographs on the website the rolling stock pulling into Kyle is not what you would expect to see on British tracks.


Kyle of Lochalsh also sees Waverly paddle steamer docked at the end of the pier on a regular basis as well as 'royal' visitors who appreciate this area as one of unprecedented natural beauty and tranquility within easy reach of London.


Exhibitions and Donations

Thanks to donations from throughout the Kyle, Lochalsh and Skye areas, the museum continues to grow.


If you have any items you think might be of interest to us either for donation or just display please do not hesitate to call or email us. The contact details are on the left hand side of every page of the website.


Fund Raising

Recently the museum has been trying to raise money and awareness in order that the 'Friends' might restore Kyle Signal Box.  The box will house a new model railway exhibit and a small two-person holiday accommodation.


Some of the Items and Photographs in the Museum