Maps of the Kyle Line

Souvenir Map

This is a souvenir map of the entire line. It is reproduced here in part as the full map covers about six times the area. The author and artist David Gray and the publishers Famedram Ltd have kindly given their permission for us to have it on the web.


The map of the Kyle Line is available for purchase online and from the Station Shop. 



This map is a representation of the line and the stations threreon. Please note that it is not to scale.


You can see by looking at either map many of the names of places in the region can be recogniosed as being steeped in history and that almost every station is a site of scenic beauty surrounded by the mountains, lochs and the animals that inhabit the Scottish wilderness.


The box represents the area covered by the map in the top image.  The location of Inverness, capital of the Highlands of Scotland is also shown.


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