Gallery of Visitors' Photographs

The photographs below were taken by visitors to the Kyle Line.  All have been inspired by the stunning scenery to be seen along the whole of the line.


If you would like to add one or more of your images to this gallery, please see the notes at the foot of this page.



Submitting a photograph for inclusion in the gallery

To submit a photograph email a jpeg file (longest side no less than 800px) to   (Please note that this is not the usual contact email address, but one for submitting photos only and is managed by Kevin Alexander, website designer).  Please include in the email your name as you would like it to appear in the photo's caption, a title (caption) for the photo, the location at which it was taken and the date on which it was taken.  


We can't promise to include all your photos, but will include what we can.  We also retain the right to carry out any necessary editing of the photograph to maximise its appearance in the gallery should we agree to include it.


The images in the gallery above that are from are used under a Creative Commons Licence.

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